ADF is a Neopagan Druid tradition which prides itself on providing free, open, public celebration of the Eight High Days of the Pagan Wheel of the Year to the entire Pagan community, regardless of ADF membership status. Modeling itself on ADF, the Solitary Druid Fellowship works to create opportunities for solitaires to experience shared ritual celebration through a shared liturgy.

If you are already a solitary ADF member, welcome! We hope that SDF can provide you with new ways to enrich your personal practice.

If you are not yet an ADF member, you can join at for an annual fee of $25.00. ADF membership is not required to participate in the shared practice of SDF — anyone can participate in the shared liturgical practice, regardless of ADF membership status. However, by joining ADF you are entitled to a variety of services and materials that can help you develop a rich, lively practice of Neopagan Druidism.

For more information about ADF membership, click here.

For a primer on ADF, its history and the structure of its organization, visit the ADF Primer section of the website.