Solitaries face unique challenges. Our practice must be self-directed, self-motivated, and many times self-designed. We have books to guide us, and websites to reference, but we often lack a sense of direction around our practice.

The Solitary Druid Fellowship seeks to provide a new way of engaging with solitude. Those who join us in a liturgical practice are, in effect, experiencing congregation in solitude. We are entering into the silence with the awareness that others in different physical locations join us in a similar, sometimes identical practice. Each of us brings our own sensibilities and style to our worship, but by joining one another in shared practice we experience a new sense of belonging and community.

Solitude is not a liability. In solitude we develop a deeper connection to our own inner voice and to the voices of the Kindred within us. In solitude we may become contemplative, centered, and discerning.

Solitude is the staging ground for real, transformative change.

So enter into the silence, and we will enter with you.