The Solitary Druid Fellowship is an experiment in Pagan liturgy, and an exercise of congregation in solitude.

The Solitary Druid Fellowship (SDF) is an extension of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), an independent tradition of Neo-Pagan Druidism. It is organized to provide solitary Druids, as well as any solitary Pagan in the general public, with an opportunity to engage more deeply with their ritual practice, while at the same time forging spiritual bonds with other solitaries through the adoption of a shared liturgical form.

Kristen McFarland, Organizer of the Solitary Druid Fellowship

Kristen McFarland, Organizer of the Solitary Druid Fellowship

The Fellowship, founded by Teo Bishop, author of the blog, Bishop In The Grove, is organized by Kristin McFarland. Kristin McFarland has been a member of ADF since 2010, when she practiced as a solitary in the rural mountains of northern New Mexico. Raised a Catholic, Kristin found a new spiritual home in ADF, and the organization’s dedication to ritual and liturgy–as well as its commitment to excellence–continues to inspire her work.

Membership is not necessary in order to participate in SDF’s shared worship. The Fellowship provides free liturgies for each of the Eight High Days of the Pagan Wheel of the Year, each based on ADF’s Core Order of Ritual. SDF seeks to create opportunities for solitaries to experience ritual celebration through a shared form with other solitaries across the globe.

To learn more about liturgy, please visit Our Shared Liturgy.