Image by Mark Cummins

Perhaps you have always felt drawn to Celtic cultures. You may be Irish or Scottish through bloodline, and you wish to develop a spiritual practice that resembles that of your blood ancestors. Or you may not be connected by blood to the Celts at all (that you know of), and you wish to align your practice with the people you feel are your spiritual ancestors.

These people might be Celtic, or Hellenic, or Norse, or Vedic. You may be drawn to one, or two, or all of them.

What is a Hearth Culture?

A Hearth Culture, as ADF teaches, is the Indo-European culture or cultures around which a Druid’s religious practice is developed. Each hearth is informed by its own pantheon and its own cultural traditions, but there are distinct similarities between them all, and all of them make up the body of ADF.

The hearth cultures which ADF recognizes are:

  • British (‘Welsh’)
  • Gaelic
  • Gaulish
  • Hellenic
  • Norse
  • Vedic
  • Roman
  • Reconstructed Proto-Indo-European
  • Slavic
  • Anglo-Saxon
  • Indo-Iranian

The Solitary Druid Fellowship seeks to provide a liturgical form that can be used by Druids of any hearth culture. Each of us bring to the liturgy our own traditions, pantheons, and culture-specific language, and the rituals can be customized to accomodate our individual heart culture. The liturgies serve both as templates, and as fully formed ADF rites.

So join in this shared liturgical practice, and build your relationship to the Kindred of your hearth.

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