Liturgy and Devotionals

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Modern Pagans, sometimes called “Neopagans” to distinguish us from our Paleopagan and Mesopagan ancestors, share a seasonal calendar of eight major festivals days, or High Days. These High Day celebrations attune us to the movement of the seasons and the cycles of life and death on the land.

From a religious perspective, these High Days form a liturgical calendar. A liturgical calendar, as you will see below, orders the year around a series of important religious celebrations.

The High Days of the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s liturgical calendar (also called the “Wheel of the Year”) are those recognized by ADF, and fall on or near the following days:

  1. Cross-Quarter (Samhain) = November 1st
  2. Winter Solstice = December 21st
  3. Cross-Quarter (Imbolc) = February 1st
  4. Spring Equinox = March 21st
  5. Cross-Quarter (Beltane) = May 1st
  6. Summer Solstice = June 21st
  7. Cross-Quarter (Lúgnasadh) = August 1st
  8. Autumn Equinox = September 21st

For each of these important days, a specific liturgy can be created. A liturgy is a form of worship, most often performed publicly, that is built on and informed by the traditions of a religious community.

In the case of the Solitary Druid Fellowship, our High Day liturgies are informed by ADF’s Core Order of Ritual, and by our own experiences and perspectives as solitary Druids.

In addition to building a liturgical practice around the High Days, the Solitary Druid Fellowship is introducing daily devotionals for solitaries of the Fellowship. These devotionals will be published periodically to this page as free downloads.

By participating in this shared practice, you have the opportunity experience unity through liturgy, and congregation in solitude.



Download All Purpose, Simple SDF Liturgy (Download count: 1175)

An all-purpose, abbreviated liturgy for use at any occasion where a brief ritual is called for.

Download December Solstice High Day Liturgy (Download count: 646)

Download February Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 523)

Download Equinox High Day Liturgy (Download count: 1020)

Download May Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 808)

Download June Solstice High Day Liturgy (Download count: 611)

Download August Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 650)

Download September Equinox High Day Liturgy (Download count: 708)

Download November Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 439)


Download December Solstice High Day Liturgy (Download count: 334)

Download February Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 296)

Download March Equinox 2014 High Day Liturgy (Download count: 330)

Download May 2014 Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 223)

Download June 2014 Solstice High Day Liturgy (Download count: 194)

Download August 2014 Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 136)




Download Winter Solstice Devotional (Download count: 511)

Download Imbolc Devotional (Download count: 499)

Download Spring Equinox Devotional (Download count: 457)

Download Equinox Devotional (Download count: 1012)

Download Beltane Devotional (Download count: 892)

Download Beltane Devotional November 2013 (Download count: 260)

Download Summer Solstice Devotional (Download count: 652)

Download First Harvest Devotional (Download count: 573)

Download Autumn Equinox Devotional (Download count: 591)

Download Samhain Devotional (Download count: 660)

Download Samhain Devotional  (Download count: 395)


Download December Winter Solstice Devotional (Download count: 364)

Download June Winter Solstice Devotional (Download count: 112)

Download Imbolc Devotional (Download count: 338)

Download August Imbolc Devotional (Download count: 86)

Download Beltane Devotional (Download count: 248)

Download December Summer Solstice Devotional (Download count: 272)

Download June Summer Solstice Devotional (Download count: 218)

Download Lughnasadh Devotional (Download count: 270)

Download August Lughnasadh Devotional (Download count: 134)

Download Samhain Devotional (Download count: 145)



Download Morning Devotional 1 (Download count: 2243)


Download SDF Evening Devotional 1 (Download count: 1145)


Download Full Moon Devotional (Download count: 1655)