Keep Vigil

Photo by Karin Dalziel (CC)

The Fellowship provides High Day liturgies for use in solitary observances, and built into these liturgies are a number of places where a solitary might wish to add a poetic verse for esthetic or liturgical reasons. Some people choose to use poems or prayers like the ones written in Ceiseiwr Serith’s books. Others like to find inspiration on

In preparation for the coming February Cross Quarter, we are going to try something altogether different. We are going to join one another in an exercise of crowdsourced poetry, and in doing so offer up our own creative voices for the benefit of the entire Fellowship.

Below is a Google Doc entitled, “We Keep Vigil,” which explains the parameters of the activity. We will each have the ability to write within the Google Doc. (For a basic tutorial on how to use Google Docs, click here.)

Enjoy this collaborative experience!

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