Photo by Ben Salter (CC)

Photo by Ben Salter (CC)

The time has come for the release of the February Cross Quarter liturgy! It is my honor and pleasure to provide this service to the Fellowship, and I pray it serves you well.

If you took part in our shared practice around the December Solstice this new liturgy will be familiar to you. There have been adjustments made to some of the language but much of it remains the same. Part of the value in developing a liturgical practice is creating consistency, as well as discovering how the same words can develop nuanced meanings as they are used again and again.

In an attempt to accommodate our brothers and sisters in the Southern Hemisphere, all Hemisphere-specific language has been removed from the liturgy. In a practical sense, this means that each of us will have the opportunity to write in language that describes, celebrates, and reveres the land on which we live!

Some will acknowledge the cold, the depths of winter, perhaps including a bit of their favorite poem about this season. Others may be experiencing a warmer winter, and they may wish to adjust their language to be in greater accord with their natural environment. And we cannot forget those down under who are at the peak of summer! Theirs will naturally be a ritual which acknowledges the heat and celebrates the majestic light in the sky!

By looking to the land — to your own land — for ritual language cues, you are living out one very important aspect of Our Druidry!

Please read through the introduction at the start of the document. This will inform you of other adjustments that were made to the liturgy. And, if you haven’t already, visit the Crowdsourced Poetry post — there is a wealth of valuable language, all of it free for you to incorporate into your solitary observance.

May your February Cross Quarter be blessed!