The wheel turns. The seasons shift, and we celebrate our connection to the earth.

The earth from above

In the North, things are beginning to grow. That which was planted early may already be showing through the dirt. For some (like those of us in Colorado) it still looks very much like winter, with snow falling to the ground and a harsh chill in the air. But the storms are different than they were in January, and we trust that this weather will not persist for very much longer. Summer will come soon.

In the South, the opposite is true. Things begin to slow. The long heat lessens, and there is evidence of a colder season on the currents of the wind. It is a time to double-check the storehouse of food one may have begun preparing on the Fall Equinox, and to continue making preparations for the coming winter. It is just around the corner.

One need not be a deeply religious person to participate in this rhythm, but one might be inspired to become one because of it.

Today the May Cross Quarter High Day liturgy is made available here on The liturgy seeks to serve those in the North and the South, and to do so there are also two new devotionals available as well — a Beltane devotional and a Samhain devotional.

ADF Druidry uses these names for the High Days, but acknowledges that in some hearth cultures they are called something different. You should feel free to customize these devotionals to reflect the language that is common in your tradition. They are simply meant to serve as tools in your own solitary observance of the Cross Quarter.

As always, these liturgies are free. You are encouraged to download them, read through them, mark them up with pen and pencil, and allow them to work their way into you. Let them inspire you into a deeper level of engagement with your solitary practice. If you are celebrating Beltane (or a similar mid-spring holiday), explore the ways that you can infuse your solitary observance with color and movement and joy! If you are preparing for Samhain (or a similar mid-fall holiday), open your heart to the awareness of your ancestors, and find new ways to honor the lives they have led, as well as the life that you lead now.

The words of the SDF liturgies are not doctrine or dogma; they are not the stuff of rigid religion. No – they are flexible, changeable, and workable. They are intended to be sparks of inspiration, which serve to ignite something real and relevant in your life. If they are missing something that you require, write it. If they are voiced in ways that don’t quite resonate, change them. Whatever you do, act from a place of conviction and purpose. Be who you are becoming, and own the fullness of your solitary practice.

You are one, and we are many. You are not alone in this, even as you observe in solitude. There is a multitude of solitary Druids, Pagans, and non-identified folk who are joining you in the use of these words. We are a congregation in solitude.

We are the solitaries of the Fellowship.


Download May Cross Quarter High Day Liturgy (Download count: 815)


Download Samhain Devotional (Download count: 670)


Download Beltane Devotional (Download count: 900)


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