Q: What is the Solitary Druid Fellowship?

A: The Solitary Druid Fellowship (SDF) is an experiment in Pagan liturgy, and an exercise of congregation in solitude.

The Fellowship is an extension of ADF, and rooted in the principles and practices of ADF Druidism. It is organized to provide solitary Druids, as well as any solitary practitioner in the general public, with an opportunity to engage more deeply with their ritual practice, while at the same time forging connections with other solitaries through the adoption of a shared liturgical form.

Q: Why was SDF created?

A: SDF was created to provide solitary Druids, or any solitary Pagan an opportunity to engage in long-distance fellowship through the shared practice of rituals and High Day celebrations.

Q: What is “long-distance fellowship”?

A: Long-distance fellowship is a means for solitary Druids to experience certain aspects of collective, corporate worship without the need to be in a shared physical (i.e. terrestrial) location.

Q: How do you practice long-distance fellowship?

A: From High Day to High Day, SDF will help transition ADF solitary members and non-member participants through the changing seasons. There is a blog on the Fellowship’s website, and on this blog there are weekly posts which reflect on the seasons, on the meaning of solitude in the lives of solitary Druids, and on various aspects of ADF’s recognized hearth cultures, their respective mythologies, and their religious practices. These posts will help create a reflective environment in order to prepare people for the coming High Day, and they will be written by numerous contributors.

On the week of the High Day, SDF distributes our shared liturgy through the Fellowship’s website, and participants will each celebrate the High Day in solitude. On the following week, participants will be called upon to reflect on their experiences of shared, solitary worship.

By taking part in this communal, albeit private practice, we join other solitaries across the globe in long distance fellowship; in a shared celebration of our gods, our ancestors, and the spirits of the land on which we live, using many of the same words, invocations, and prayers.

Q: Will I have the freedom to customize my ritual?

A: Absolutely! There are sections of the ritual outline left open for individual devotions or specific prayers, and much of the language can be tweaked to suit your own style of speaking.

Q: Do I have to be a member to participate in the long-distance fellowship?

A: No.

The distribution of shared Druid liturgy is a service that SDF provides to the general public for free. We are open to all.

For information about membership to ADF, click here.