ADF is a membership organization. Membership is open to all, regardless of heritage.

Archdruid Kirk Thomas

ADF is made up of many local congregations called “groves” and “protogroves,” which exist in cities throughout the U.S., Canada, and a handful of other countries. ADF’s groves offer regular public worship to the Old Gods, serving as centers of Pagan organizing in many localities. Within those groves ADF’s members design magical and religious ceremonies in order to invite the blessings of the gods and goddesss, for ADF works from the principal that forging a reciprocal relationship with the Kindred is a healthy and natural thing to do.

While membership is open to all, leadership in ADF only available to those who describe Pagan Druidry as their primary religious path. A board of directors, known as the ‘Mother Grove’, manages the organization, which is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The major offices of the Mother Grove are the Archdruid, Vice-Archdruid, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief of the Council of Regional Druids (geographic representatives), Chief of the Council of Senior Druids (grove leaders), multiple Non-Officer Directors (NOD), and a Members’ Advocate (ombudsperson). Elections for many of these positions are held yearly for staggered terms, to preserve knowledge.

ADF’s local groves are semi-autonomous, each having its own local traditions, customs, and forms of rites. At the same time, these groves are all part of ADF’s international organization, sharing the basic order of ritual and following the guidelines set forth by the Mother Grove.

Not every aspect of ADF is Grove-based. ADF has varied subgroups concerned with skills training (Guilds), hearth cultures (Kins), initiatory work (Orders) and less constrained Special Interest Groups. Many of these groups offer online participation to serve all members. Archdruid Emeritus Isaac Bonewits, known in the Pagan community as an author, editor, polytheologian and activist founded ADF In 1983. After long serving his folk, Isaac resigned from his post in 1996, leading to the selection of ADF’s first elected Archdruid. Isaac passed away in 2010, but his work and ideas continue to be foundations of ADF’s vision.